Black Friday Sale 2016

It’s that time of year again: Fall colors are all around, a chill is in the air, and it’s time to stuff yourself with turkey and delicious sides! It’s also the the one time per year that we put all of our plugins for WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads on sale. Buy any of our plugins between…


A shiny new plugin: Extra Shipping Options for WooCommerce

We’ve got some exciting news again! A shiny new plugin is available as of today: Extra Shipping Options for WooCommerce With this plugin you can add additional shipping options to the available shipping rates. These options are perfectly located to add options like expedited shipping, shipping insurance and delivery date type. Extra Shipping Options Within the Extra…

Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

New plugin: Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

Today we’re excited to release a new plugin: Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce With this brand new plugin you can fully manage all the fields that are available at checkout in WooCommerce. For example, you can add new fields, edit existing fields, and even remove existing fields. This includes fields for Shipping, Billing, and the section…

WooCommerce Store Locator

New Plugin: WooCommerce Store Locator

Today we’re excited to release a new plugin for WooCommerce shop owners! WooCommerce Store Locator With WooCommerce Store Locator businesses can show customers where their brick and mortar stores are located. Using a search form customers can find locations closest to them. The plugin can also be used to show a list of distributors or…


How to Setup WooCommerce Demo Data

If you need to evaluate a WooCommerce plugin or theme without a catalog of  products available you might spend time adding products by hand. In this post we’ll show two ways to create demo data that will save you time.


How to Add Store Notices

Custom notifications for customers can be a handy tool to create more sales or increase the average order total. For example let’s say a store has Free Shipping on orders of $50 or more. If a customer has $40 of products in their cart notifying them that they are $10 away from Free Shipping is useful to the customer and to the store owner. Most customers will…


Setting Up Predefined Shipping Areas

WooCommerce offers a great set of default settings for payment and shipping. In some cases you may want to setup predefined shipping areas for customers to choose from. In this post I will show how you can setup that up using code snippets/plugins. Setting Up Shipping Areas I’m going to assume that the current areas are not a part…


How to Add a Code Snippet to Your Site

Tons of websites out there, including us, are posting code snippets that can be added to your website to modify some sort of functionality in WordPress. Most websites post these code snippets without instructions on how to add them to your site. The contrary is true as a most website owners never learned how add code…


Setup a Failed Order Notification for WooCommerce

There are numerous reasons why an order may fail. The most common reason is an error in the payment processor. This could be a one time thing or maybe a glitch with the payment processor. In any case it would be good to follow up with the customer. It would be a huge shame if…

Setting up Shipping validation rules (1)

Setting Up Shipping Validation Rules in WooCommerce

Setting up shipping in WooCommerce can be difficult. There are many different ways of shipping products into the world. If you’re using a shipping carrier like UPS for example you can integrate with their plugin in order to get live shipping rates from their API. If you’re not using a shipping carrier like that you…