WooCommerce Store Locator

Show customers the physical locations where your products are sold!

Showing your customers where they can find your products in brick and mortar stores is simple with the WooCommerce Store Locator. With WooCommerce Store Locator you can define store locations to your WooCommerce site and include the address, phone number, website, phone number and email.

Adding locations is simple and easy via the WordPress dashboard. Bulk adding locations quickly using the CSV importer.


  • Add stores with address and contact data
  • Add a Google map of store location
  • Import stores from CSV file
  • Search for stores with address and distance
  • Add a list of stores to a page

Use cases

Here are a few uses cases showing how this plugin can be used.

Show customers where your stores are located

Show customers retail stores where they can find your products

Show customers distributors of your products


$79.00 – $199.00
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1 Year License and Support
14-day money back guarantee
Version: 1.0.4
Last update: January 12, 2018
Requires WooCommerce 2.3+

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