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User Friendly Mapping Solution

A powerful plugin designed to show customers where to find your products.

  • Simplify The Search

    • Show customers where your stores are located
    • List distributors of your product
    • Find products at the nearest location
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  • Easy Setup

    • Create a store directory with address and contact data
    • Easily import store lists from a CSV file
    • Support for multiple languages
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Loaded With Features

Everything you need to create a beautiful store finder on your site!

  • Geocode

    Each store's address can be geocoded. This means you can place pins on the map to show the precise location of all your stores.

  • User Friendly

    Easy installation and setup on the backend. Once installed your customers can effortlessly find all of your store locations.

  • Store Directory

    Create a store directory with all store locations. Show the address, phone number and website for each brick and mortar store.

  • Show Product Availability

    Customers can find the product they want by searching for a store based on product availability.

  • Search Page Feature

    Customers can enter a radius to find the store nearest their location. No need to search through all of the stores in the directory. Or search by store name.

  • Bulk Import

    Multiple store locations are no problem. The option to bulk import your CSV with all of your store locations is available.

  • Custom Map Markers

    Customize your pins with map marker icons. Choose from our preloaded icons or upload your own images.

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