WooCommerce Cart URL

Create pre-defined product combinations that can be added to cart with one click!

With WooCommerce Cart URL store owners can prepare a cart with products, variations, quantities, and a coupon. The store owner will get a link (URL) to send to customers. When the customer clicks on the link the pre-defined products will be added to their cart and they will be redirected to the Cart page.


  • Create unlimited custom Cart URLs
  • Add any store product to the pre-defined cart
  • Works with simple, variable, and subscription products
  • Adjust the quantity of each product individually
  • Choose a page to redirect the customer
  • Clear or keep the cart when the customer visits the url
  • Add a coupon to be applied to the cart
  • Set the price of products in the cart

Example Uses

Here are a few uses cases showing how this plugin can be used.

Send a special pricing link with a discount to a mailing list

Consultants can prepare a cart for clients to purchase and reduce purchase error.

Provide a “Buy As Shown” link on print material or advertisements.

Add Cart URLs in marketing emails or social media campaigns.

Share links through blogposts with recipes.

How it’s used

You can define as many Cart URLs as you need. Each URL can have a unique name and will use pretty permalinks.

In the Cart URL editor you can select whether or not to clear the cart when the customer arrives on the site. You can also select a page to redirect the customer to. This page can be the Cart, Checkout, or any other page on your site.

Add as many products and quantities as you need and optionally add a discount code.

When your customer clicks the Cart URL their cart will be setup based on your definition. Here’s an example of a Cart URL that cleared the cart, added three items, and applied a coupon code before redirecting the customer to the Cart page.

Edit Product Price

Store owners can set the price of products added to the cart by the Cart URL. If no price is set the regular product price is used.

If a custom price is set that price is reflected in the cart after the Cart URL is used.

$79.00 – $199.00
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1 Year License and Support
14-day money back guarantee



Last updated

June 17, 2020


WooCommerce 3.0+

Tested with

WooCommerce 4.2

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