WooCommerce Advanced Notices

Send notices via email and Slack when orders are placed and meet pre-set conditions.

WooCommerce Advanced Notices

Add custom notices to your WooCommerce store!

WooCommerce Advanced Notices lets store owners create updates to be sent via Email or Slack based on custom rules.


Unlimited notices can be created and active on your website. Each notice can have a different set of conditions that need to be met for the notice to be sent.

Notices can be in published or draft status. Only published notices will be active on the site. 


Notice Conditions

Send notices when an order is created and goes to a status:

  • Order Processing
  • Order Completed
  • Order Cancelled
  • Order Failed
  • Order Pending
  • Order On Hold
  • Order Refunded

Conditionally trigger the notice based on the order’s data:

  • Order Total
  • Product in order
  • Shipping Country or City
  • Shipping Method
  • Product Category, Tag, Type, Volume
  • Payment Gateway used
  • Quantity of products
  • Role of the user placing the order
  • Date


The plugin currently supports sending notices to one or many email address and to a Slack channel.


Email REcipients

Add one or many email addresses that will receive a copy of the notice email. The email is sent via the BCC field.


Notices Slack Settings

A global Slack channel can be setup for all notices or a channel can be set per notice. The following settings can be configured for each notice:

  • Display name of the bot
  • Icon used for the bot
  • Channel name
  • Slack Webhook URL


Notice configurable messages

Notice messages can be customized using text, images, and dynamic tags. The following data fields can be included in the message from the order:

  • Order ID
  • Order Total
  • Products in the Order with quantities
  • Order Email
  • Order Phone
  • Order Billing Address
  • Order Shipping Address
  • Order First Name
  • Order Last Name
  • Currency of the order
  • Currency Symbol
  • Order Status
  • Payment Method