WooCommerce Advanced Pricing

Create pricing rules based on your conditions to target specific products and/or customers.

WooCommerce Advanced Pricing

Create unlimited dynamic pricing and discount rules for your store!

With WooCommerce Advanced Pricing you can create conditional pricing based on user, order total, quantity, shipping, payment gateway, and much more.

Dynamic Pricing and discounts

Pricing Rule Conditions

WooCommerce Advanced pricing lets you define pricing rules based on over 20 different conditions.

Define Pricing Conditions

Example conditions include creating variable pricing based on the:

    • Shipping Location
    • Product Type, Category, or Weight
    • Payment Gateway
    • Quantity or Volume
    • Day of the Week
    • User Role

Changing Regular Price

Dynamic Pricing_Change Product Price

After you define the conditions when prices can be changed the new price can be increased or decreased by a fixed amount or a percentage of the original price. You can also set the price to a fixed amount.

New prices will be displayed to the customer on all pages including product page, category pages, product widgets, cart, and checkout.

Price Change Scheduling

Price changes can be scheduled using WordPress’s internal scheduler. Simply add a publish date for your Advanced Pricing rule and it will activate at the set time and modify pricing.

Scheduled price change

Bulk Pricing Discount

Pricing rules can be set up based on the volume of products purchased. The option to use percentage discounts or set the reduced price is available.

Bulk pricing discount rule

If your shop offers tiered-price discounts for higher quantity orders simply use a “Bulk pricing” action and set the quantity discounts.

Tiered Pricing Option

Sample Uses

  • Bulk pricing discounts
  • Tiered price discounts
  • Change product pricing to cover payment gateway fees
  • Add discounts per user role for membership sites
  • Increase product pricing based on country to cover shipping expenses
  • Schedule discounts for specific days or dates
  • Pricing discounts for wholesale users

You can find more information about WooCommerce Advanced Pricing on our documents page. For any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help.