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This documentation is for the WooCommerce Advanced Pricing plugin.


From the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Hover over the menu option Plugins, then click on Add New.
  2. Press the Upload Plugin button.
  3. Press Choose File and select the woocommerce-advanced-pricing.zip file.
  4. Press Open, then press Install Now.
  5. If the load worked press Activate Now.

If you want to install by uploading directly to your site:

  1. On your local machine unzip the woocommerce-advanced-pricing.zip file.
  2. Log in to your site using FTP or SFTP.
  3. Upload the extracted folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory on your site.
  4. Go to the WordPress Plugins dashboard and Activate the plugin.

Add license

After the plugin is activated go to the plugins page and find the License area under WooCommerce Advanced Pricing.

Copy your license key from the My Account area on ShopPlugins.com or from your order confirmation email then paste it into the “Your license key” field. Press enter to activate it. A successful activation will look like this:

Add a Pricing Rule

In this example we will walk through adding a 20% discount for users with the role of Subscriber.

1. From the plugins page click on the Settings link under WooCommerce Advanced Pricing.

2. To add a new pricing rule press Add Advanced Pricing

3. Add a title that describes this price rule. This is not shown to customers and is only seen by site administrators.

4. Add Advanced Pricing conditions

The new pricing needs at least one Condition Group that will be tested. Press Add Condition Group. Each group needs at last one Condition. Press Add Condition. To see all the possible conditions to test press the down arrow next to Condition:

Select User Role. Leave the first dropdown set to Equal. In the right dropdown select the User Role “Subscriber”.

This is the only condition we need for this example, but other pricing rules might need multiple conditions to be true in order to change the price.

5. Add Price Action

In the Price action box set Action type to “Modified price”.

Set the Price type to Regular price since we want to modify the product’s Regular Price.

The Price field can be one of three type of calculations:

Add or deduct a percentage:

  • -10% – will reduce the price by ten percent.
  • 10% – will increase the price by ten percent.
  • -12 – will reduce the price by 12 dollars (or your local currency). This can also have two decimal places.
  • +12 – will increase the price by 12 dollars (or your local currency). This can also have two decimal places.
  • 45 – will set the price to forty-five dollars (or your local currency). This can also have two decimal places.

For this example we will use “-20%” to reduce the regular price by 20%.

6. Press Publish on the new pricing to save changes.

7. Test the new pricing

To test the new advanced price rule login to the site as a user with role Subscriber and view pricing. The new 20% off price will show next to the regular price.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this plugin compatible with simple and variable products?

Answer: Yes, the pricing rules will apply to all product types.