WooCommerce Conditional Upsell

Increase order revenue by offering post-purchase upsells to customers based on what they buy!

WooCommerce Conditional Upsell

Offer post-purchase upsells to customers based on what is in their shopping cart!

WooCommerce Conditional Upsells lets store owners offer products to customers after they have made the decision to purchase from your store.

Plugin Features

This plugin adds the ability to define unlimited upsells that will be offered to customers based on conditions from the products in the cart to the shipping country.

Increase sales by offering contextually relevant products to the customer when they place their order!

Works with WooCommerce Gateways

With this plugin the upsell items can be added to the order before or after it is sent to the payment gateway. If the upsell is added before (most payment gateways) there is only one charge on the customer’s card.

If the upsell is added after (Authroize.net CIM, Braintree, Stripe) then the customer’s initial order is collected and charged and their payment token is used to charge the upsell order.

Upsell anything in your store!

Any product in your store can be offered as an upsell. It’s easy to search for products by name and assign them to the upsell.

Select Product

Upsell conditions

Once an upsell product has been chosen select one or many conditions that must be met for the upsell to be offered to customers after they press the Place Order button.

Upsell Available Conditions

Conditions can be based on the products in the cart, the customer’s address, the customer’s user role, the day of the week, and more!

Style the upsell

Use the WordPress customizer to set upsell colors, or override the popup template file in your theme to get full control over the popup display!

Style the upsell popup in WordPress

Example: Add a Post-Purchase Upsell

This example shows offering a hoodie to every customer who checks out on the store.

The product is added to the upsell in the top select field, and the condition is set to “No condition needed” meaning that it will always be offered.

Use Hoodie as Upsell Product

The upsell text is set to a simple message encouraging the customer to add a hoodie to their order.

Upsell Popup Message

On the checkout page the customer adds their billing and payment information then when they press Place order the upsell displays.

The customer can add the product, or choose to decline the upsell. Here’s what it looks like when a customer sees the popup:

Customer View of Upsell Pop-up