Why use a Store Locator in your WooCommerce Shop

A store locator is an important part of any eCommerce site. It’s a way for customers to find your physical location, and it helps them feel more secure in their online purchase decisions because they know you have a brick-and-mortar store where they can go if there are any issues with the order. Not every purchase is perfect and having a physical store to return it to makes a difference.

The WooCommerce Store Locator plugin makes adding one to your website simple! In this article, we’ll show you 4 awesome ways to use WooCommerce Store Locator to showcase your products and services and improve the customer experience.

Use Cases

Do your stores have a strong presence in the local community or have they been a little neglected? Building community presence is an opportunity to increase sales. A store locator can help drive foot traffic and keep customers coming back. 

Tip #1-Restaurant Features

You’ve probably noticed with COVID it’s really shaken things up in the restaurant industry. People want to know what dining options are available before they get there. With Store Locator you can easily showcase what your restaurant offers. Whether it’s outdoor seating, take out only, or if the location offers a full menu. 

Customers can search for restaurants based on the services offered at a specific location.

Tip #2-Product Distributors

If your products or services are sold by distributors, then having a store locator is essential. People need an idea of where they can find what they’re looking for before traveling there. It also helps them determine whether or not it will be worth their time and money to make a trip. 

For example, if someone is thinking about buying some of your amazing coffee beans they might give up on finding it if they’ve gone to their local shops with no success. With Store Locator, people can search for businesses near them carrying your coffee right away. So they’re not just going to give up on looking for your product because you helped them to find it before they forgot about it.

Tip #3-CSA Pick Up Locations

CSA’s are a wonderful contribution to any community! They offer beautiful, fresh produce, and what could be better than supporting your local farmers. Anyone who’s purchased from a CSA knows there’s always a pickup location. 

Show customers where the nearest pickup location is before they enroll in a CSA share. This will help you to reduce customer service calls and cancellations by providing the information in advance. 

Tip #4-Curbside Pickup

Customers are more likely to make purchases if they know what they want before arriving at the store. With Store Locator, people can search for specific products at a location nearest them.

Encourage customers to make a same-day purchase by displaying what stores have the item available on the product page. 

In some cases, customers want to make the purchase before they even get to the store. This option can easily be offered by displaying the option for curbside pickup at checkout instead of having the item shipped.

You’ll also get more reviews because people will be able to find your store with ease and buy from you without any hassle. People like the comfort of knowing they can purchase online and easily take an item back to a local store if they have any issues.


Your WooCommerce store is a great place to showcase your products and services, but what happens when someone wants to find you? You’ll need a way for potential customers to locate your physical address. Woocommerce store locator will help them do just that! With our plugin, it takes less than five minutes to set up the store locations of your business using Google Maps. Whether you want something simple or robust, we have a solution for you! Don’t wait any longer–get started today with WooCommerce Store Locator!