How To Add A Store Locator to Your Shop

How to add a store locator to your shop.

The WooCommerce Store Locator extension is back, and we have some changes you will love! After many requests, we have finally made it possible to create your own store finder on your e-commerce shop. The Best Store Locator Plugin Store Locator is a robust plugin designed to help shoppers find your brick and mortar stores. …

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Use Upsells to Increase Subscription Revenue

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Selling subscriptions is a great gig. Once a buyer becomes a subscriber you have the hope of creating a long-term customer along with monthly subscription revenue. This brings us to ask the question.  After someone has become a subscriber is it possible to increase the subscription value with upsells? To some it may seem like …

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5 Ways to Create Extra Fees and Discounts

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WooCommerce recently launched multi-currency and added 4 new countries to their payment solution WooCommerce Payments. Reaching a global audience has never seemed so achievable. All it takes is a simple Google search and your products go to the most far-off of places. Are extra fees stopping you from selling globally?  Let’s face it, the idea …

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Keeping Your Brick and Mortar Stores Alive

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Are brick and mortar stores soon to be a thing of the past? Many retailers were forced to reckon with this question as they found themselves in the midst of an unexpected global pandemic. Consumers forewent the shopping experience to make the majority of their purchases online, leaving physical stores with less than expected earnings. …

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How To Customize WooCommerce Checkout Fields

customize checkout fields

By default, your WooCommerce checkout page template will be based on your site’s theme. The checkout page has a significant impact on visitors actually clicking the button to complete their purchase. It’s not surprising that any time spent customizing the checkout fields will have an impact on your conversions. 1 out of 5 shoppers abandons …

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