Sell Fabric Online with WooCommerce

Fabric to sell online

If you run a fabric store you’re used to customers coming in, choosing a bolt, and requesting a measurement. Moving this interaction to the online world is a challenge. How do you handle pricing products that are sold by a variable measurement?  In today’s “How To” we’ll share a solution for selling fabric with WooCommerce! …

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How To Add A Shipping Deadline Message in WooCommerce

Cardboard Box on Floor

You’re setting up your store. You’ve created a product page. You’ve added clear and detailed images of your product. The description is perfect. The pricing is perfect. Now you’re wondering how else you can entice customers to add the item to their cart. One way to motivate shoppers is to let them know exactly when they …

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Selling Customized Products

Soccer trophy on grass

He was a dad like any other The kind that wanted trophies for his son’s soccer team, even if the Winter league was a “no trophy” league. He knew a little about WordPress and wanted to create a solution to capture the customized details for each trophy (Team name, player name, etc). The idea was …

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How To Set Up a Concierge Service with WooCommerce


When you think of a hotel concierge, you picture a tidy desk in the lobby that is staffed by a friendly person ready to answer any question you have. Whether asking for steakhouse recommendations or the best transit to the airport, the concierge is ready and willing to help with any request. There is a growing …

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New Plugins for February 2015

We’ve been very busy since the launch of the site and part of that has been developing new plugins for launch. Today we’re excited to announce the release of three new plugins, two for Easy Digital Downloads and one for WooCommerce.  Two of the plugins are free, will be hosted on and managed on …

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Is There Really a Need for Another eCommerce Marketplace?

Mind the gap written on concrete

First, this isn’t just an ecommerce marketplace. It’s dedicated to WordPress eCommerce. That’s a pretty big difference when there are more than 20 other eCommerce platforms out there. But even then, the question remains, aren’t there other sites selling eCommerce plugins and extensions for WordPress? Do we really need another? I think the core answer …

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Introducing Shop Plugins!

I’m excited to announce the opening of Shop Plugins! Shop Plugins is a marketplace focused on ecommerce sites using WordPress.

We partner with anyone building ecommerce sites by providing education, plugins and support. We will accomplish this through in-depth tutorials, screencasts, and open question & answer sessions.

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