New Plugins for February 2015

We’ve been very busy since the launch of the site and part of that has been developing new plugins for launch.

Today we’re excited to announce the release of three new plugins, two for Easy Digital Downloads and one for WooCommerce.  Two of the plugins are free, will be hosted on and managed on our GitHub page.

EDD Enhanced eCommerce Tracking

This plugin by Jeroen Sormani will add ecommerce specific data to your Google Analytics tracking, so that you can take advantage of the Enhanced Ecommerce which Google says will:

“Provide insight into the customer’s path to purchase, like when customers added items to cart, started the checkout process, and completed a purchase. Importantly, Enhanced Ecommerce gives you the ability to identify segments of customers who are falling out of the shopping funnel.”

This information is invaluable for shop owners who want to optimize their ecommerce checkout experience.


Get the plugin now!


EDD Sale Price

Have you ever wanted to run sales on downloads in your EDD shop?  Now you can with EDD Sale Price.  The plugin adds a Sale Price option to simple downloads and variable priced downloads so that customers can see the Regular Price along with the Sale Price. The two prices are presented wherever price is displayed: Product pages, Checkout pages, and Sales emails.



Download EDD Sale Price free on!

WooCommerce Availability Chart

WooCommerce Availability Chart

Scarcity is a fantastic motivator. If you are trying to decide if you will buy something, knowing that there are only a few items left in stock will push you to make the purchase.  WooCommerce Availability Chart gives store owners the ability to display a graph of the stock available for variable products.

The graph is easy to activate on a per-product basis, and can be easily styled to match a site’s CSS.


Download WC Availability Chart free on!

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