I’m excited to announce the opening of Shop Plugins! Shop Plugins is a marketplace focused on ecommerce sites using WordPress.

We partner with anyone building ecommerce sites by providing education, plugins and support. We will accomplish this through in-depth tutorials, screencasts, and open question & answer sessions.

A lot of people will help you build a website. We’ll help you build your business.

Quality Products

Buying a plugin shouldn’t be a gamble. With our plugins you can be assured you’re getting high quality code. There are many places you can find ecommerce extensions, but not much more. After the sale you are left to trial and error and little to no support. We back all of our products with proactive support and documentation.


Cheap tutorials will say “take this snippet, plug this code, and go.” Our educational materials will help you understand the ‘why’ behind the code, which will translate into your online store running smoothly.

Part of the WordPress Community

We love the WordPress community! We love the spirit of open source. You’ll see us at WordCamps, meetups and in the WordPress.org forums.

Since we embrace the spirit of open source, we have several free plugins ready to launch in the WordPress.org plugin repository.

Multiple Plugins

You have choices when it comes to picking an ecommerce plugin for WordPress. We acknowledge that one size does not fit all. No single ecommerce plugin can satisfy all scenarios and business plans.

We will teach first and focus on platform choice second. There are some amazing developers and teams building products in the WordPress community. We aim to highlight all of these offerings to help you choose the right ecommerce plugins for your business even if we didn’t build them.

Our Team

Our team brings years of WordPress, ecommerce and business experience to the table. We’ve built ecommerce sites, shipped commercial plugins and served at the highest level of client services. This is the experience you will get with our products and education.

We are here to serve.

Hey WordPress, nice to meet you!  We’re Shop Plugins!

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Published by Daniel Espinoza

Daniel has been building ecommerce plugins and sites since 2007. He built the first commercial plugin for WooCommerce in 2011 and has built dozens of plugins since.


  1. Woot! So glad to see this finally launch.

    Looks pretty slick!

  2. congrats on your launch. There’s a ton of space in this market and couldn’t think of a better person to fill it!

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