How To Customize The WooCommerce Thank You Page

Today many eCommerce shops may operate with few resources. Is it worth taking the time to improve your post checkout experience with a customized thank you page?

Absolutely! Many of us can attest to the powerful effect the words thank you can have. Not only do these two words make you feel appreciated but they can have a lasting impact on the way you perceive others.

As for online retailers saying thank you is about more than just expressing your appreciation. It’s an opportunity to create additional sales, brand loyalty and provide your customers with valuable resources. 

Why You Should Use A Thank You Page

Think about it this way. If you were a realtor showing homes to repeat clients would you merely drive by and point at the house through the car window saying, “You should get that one over there.” Absolutely not! You would pull up in the driveway, and take them on a tour of the home.

Due to your past experience, you already know their preferences, what they’re qualified for and what they need. You’ve carefully selected this home because you know they’ll be interested in it.

It’s the same with your WooCommerce thank you page. You have the opportunity to present to a customer who has already made a purchase. In sense, you now have a history together. On your end, the transaction has lasted for only a few seconds, but think of the time the customer may have spent researching their purchase before pulling the trigger.

You can reward their efforts by directing your customer after checkout to a custom thank you page matching their purchase intent. Why not use their product selection as an indicator of what they need? Showcase useful advice, other recommended products, or feature customer reviews to personalize their experience. According to one study, 67% of consumers agree that a personalized experience is important when making a purchase. 

Set Goals for your Thank You Page 

Every business has goals. Whether your objective is to increase sales, brand awareness, or decrease buyer’s remorse a thank you page can help you achieve your goals.

When creating thank you pages, also known as post-conversion landing pages identify what goal you want to achieve and what solution this will create in your marketing plan. Your purpose and intent should be clearly defined to attract further engagement from your customer.

It’s proven that landing pages can have a significant impact on your eCommerce store. Take a look at this study from Hubspot. They revealed that companies who increased their number of landing pages from 10 to 15 saw a 55% increase in leads. Using a post checkout landing page is like having a secret conversion-increasing weapon in your back pocket.

If you’re not sold on the idea of creating a custom landing page post checkout perhaps this piece of data will help to change your mind. Landing pages have a 23% conversion rate. Put that in perspective. If 1 out 4 customers on your site purchased an additional item, what impact would that have on your business revenue?

Thank You Pages Increase Customer Loyalty

Many companies put a lot of effort into acquiring new customers instead of maintaining their existing customer base. This is an expensive way to go. It will actually cost you 5 times more to attract a new customer than it will to retain your existing customers. The good news is the effort you put into creating customer loyalty is well worth it. Your chances of generating new sells with an existing customer are 60-70% while only 5-20% with new customers.

Clearly using a thank you page fits the bill, it’s a natural way to create customer loyalty. You’re providing customers with needed valuable information and show your paying attention to them. Instead of consuming the consumer, you stand out as a trusted resource.

As any smart realtor knows curb appeal goes a long way. Make your landing page stands out by engaging your customer’s emotions. There’s nothing like using a good laugh to create a memorable experience.  Whether you like dancing pandas or emojis, content that evokes positive emotions is more likely to be shared. Shareable content means your customers are not only identifying with your brand but now they are sharing it with like-minded people.

Turn your order confirmation page into a place to share reviews and testimonials of satisfied customers. 56 percent of consumers say the types of content they most want to see from brands are user-generated photos and videos. User generated content builds your credibility and at the same time identifies you as a trustworthy brand.

The options for thank you pages are really endless. To find out what works best for your business and increases customer satisfaction may take some time but the effort is definitely worth it. 

Order Received Now What?

At this point, we hope the statistics have shed some light on why you need to use a custom thank you page. If you’re still feeling a little unsure of where to begin, don’t worry we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you improve the post purchase experience.

10 ideas for creating an amazing thank you page:

  • Order Received message with a CTA
  • Add social sharing buttons to build your social media presence
  • Provide product resources, appointment calendar, or membership info
  • Create a long term customer ask them to create an account
  • Promote additional relevant products or best selling items
  • Get their feedback with a survey
  • How-to Videos, they might need some help with their product
  • User feedback, reviews, photos, or videos
  • Recommended webinars or podcasts
  • Discounts or coupons for their next purchase

WooCommerce Redirect Thank You

Now that you are ready to get started customizing your thank you page is pretty simple. Simply download and install the WooCommerce Redirect Thank You plugin. Once the plugin is installed turn your WooCommerce order confirmation page into a personalized thank you page. Use a WooCommerce thank you page URL at the individual product level or create a global thank you page. Customers can also be redirected based on their payment gateway. 

Find out more about how to use WooCommerce Redirect Thank you on our documentation page or watch the tutorial here.

Don’t forget to say thank you!