Setting Up Shipping Validation Rules in WooCommerce

Setting Up Shipping Validation Rules_Checkout Page message

Setting up shipping in WooCommerce can be difficult. There are many different ways of shipping products into the world. If you’re using a shipping carrier like UPS, for example, you can integrate with their plugin in order to get live shipping rates from their API. If you’re not using a shipping carrier like that, you …

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10 Mistakes To Avoid With WooCommerce

Running an ecommerce shop is complex. There are many tasks store owners need to handle, such as customer service, inventory management, marketing, website updates, SEO, and order fulfillment, just to name a few.

With so many things vying for the attention of a store owner, we decided to compile a list of mistakes to avoid with WooCommerce.

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Sell Fabric Online with WooCommerce

Fabric to sell online

If you run a fabric store you’re used to customers coming in, choosing a bolt, and requesting a measurement. Moving this interaction to the online world is a challenge. How do you handle pricing products that are sold by a variable measurement?  In today’s “How To” we’ll share a solution for selling fabric with WooCommerce! …

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