Configuring Toolbox for WooCommerce Subscriptions

Activating Toolbox Features

After installing the plugin from the WordPress admin, go to WooCommerce > Settings and click on “Toolbox for Subscriptions”.

Here you can activate or deactivate features of the plugin by checking the box next to the feature name and pressing “Save changes.”

Skip next scheduled payment

Skip next scheduled payment will automatically advance the subscription to the next payment date after the one that is coming up without charging the customer or generating an order for it.

Ship now and keep schedule

Shipping a subscription now will charge the customer right away and generate an order. It will also keep the original schedule, so the next payment date will remain what it was before they had an order generated.

Ship now and reschedule payment

Shipping a subscription now will charge the customer right away and generate an order. It will reschedule the next payment day with relation to when customer requested it. For example, if the subscription is monthly, and the next payment would be 10 days in the future, this will move the next payment date to be a month from the day.

Edit subscription details

This will allow customers to edit their subscription details in a more streamlined way. The edit subscription screen allows them to change the next payment date, the quantities of products in the subscription, the interval and period of the subscription, and the shipping and billing addresses.

Bulk edit/ship subscriptions

Customers can select subscriptions and choose to ship them now and keep schedule / reschedule it. They can also edit the quantities of items on those subscriptions.

Change next payment date

Customers can choose a new next payment date from a date dropdown. The earliest they can choose is the next day.

Add products to existing subscriptions

Customers can add products to existing subscriptions. The products’ own period and interval will be ignored, and the subscription’s interval and period will be used.

Button Text

The text shown on the subscription action buttons can be set for these buttons:

  • Skip next schedule button text
  • Ship now keep schedule button text
  • Ship now reschedule button text
  • Edit subscription details button text