Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

Today we’re excited to release a new plugin: Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce

With this brand new plugin you can fully manage all the fields that are available at checkout in WooCommerce. For example, you can add new fields, edit existing fields, and even remove existing fields.

This includes fields for Shipping, Billing, and the section where the ‘Order notes’ are displayed.

Advanced Checkout Fields

You may wonder what is advanced about that? Well, this plugin allows you to setup conditional checkout fields. This means that you can setup different fields under different circumstances.

For example, if you allow retailers to order on your site and they’ve got a special user role, you can add custom checkout fields that are only available for those users. If you require Wholesale users to enter a ‘Wholesale ID’ while checking out then the store administrator can set that field to display for customers with the Wholesale user role.

More power, better UX

With this new plugin you’ll have more power over your checkout than you’ve ever had before. Other plugins that do something similar lack flexibility and a intuitive / smooth user experience. With Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce you’ll have both great flexibility and an awesome user experience.


Time for a screenshot show-off:

Add as many as you want
You can add as many Checkout Field groups as you want.


Maybe create a more simplified checkout
This example shows several unused fields removed: phone, company, address 2. Also, the name fields are merged.


Conditions available
These are the default options that are available to setup conditions.


Options per field
Each field is expandable and has their own settings.



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