WooCommerce Fee Manager

This documentation is for the WooCommerce Fee Manager plugin.

Installating A Plugin

For questions on how to install a plugin, check out ourĀ Installation Guide.

Getting Started

To add a fee follow these steps:

    • Log in to the WordPress dashboard and go to WooCommerce > Fee Manager.
    • Press Add New at the top of the page.


fee manager fee amount setting

Fee Amount

    • Add a title for the fee. This is what will be shown to customers on the front end of the site.
    • Add an Amount. This can be a positive or negative fixed amount.


fee manager fee amount setting

Apply Fee

    • The fee can be added as a fixed fee or per matching line item. In the example a one time fee for each matching line item has been selected.


fee manager fee per line item


    • Fees can be set as recurring and will be charged each time a subscription renews.
    • Tick the Add fee to subscription renewal orders.


fee manager recurring


    • If the fee is taxable, check the Taxable box.
    • Set the Tax Class for the fee.


fee manager taxable fee


    • Add conditions that the order must meet before the fee is applied.
    • Press Add Condition Group.
    • Press Add Condition.
    • Press Select a Condition and choose one of the pre-defined conditions. Example: Shipping Country.
    • Select a comparison for the condition. Example “Not Equal.”
    • Select a value to compare in the next field. Example: “United States (US).”
    • Multiple conditions can be set for the fee to be applied.


fee manager add conditions

    • Press Publish to save and enable the fee.


Customer View

    • In the example below the customer selected the ship to a different address option at checkout. Based on the fee created above the customer will be charged $10 for shipping to any country other than the United States.


customer view shipping fee


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does this plugin charge fees for subscription renewal payments?

Answer: Yes, the WooCommerce Fee Manager plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin. WC Fee Manager has an option to set a fee as a “Recurring” fee that will charge on subscription renewals.

woocommerce subscriptions recurring fee
Set a fee to be recurring for WooCommerce Subscriptions


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