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Creating a single coupon in WooCommerce involves clicking through a few tabs on a settings page and entering values into fields.  If you only need to create one coupon, the total time of creating the coupon doesn’t matter. Multiply the total time of creating a coupon by 10,000 or 100,000, and it’s a chore that will steal time away from running your business.

If you run an online store with WooCommerce and want to create a group of coupons that you can give to customers or need 1000 coupons to give to a deals site like Groupon, this plugin will save you a lot of time!

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce is a free plugin available on that allows store owners to bulk create coupons for your WooCommerce store. It has been tested in creating up to 1 million coupons!

This plugin is very useful if you are in need of any amount of coupons to save a ton of time on manually creating them one by one.

Coupon Generator for WooCommerce

The plugin is available at for download, or you can do a plugin search from your site by clicking on Plugins, then Add New. Click the “Search plugins…” and type “coupon generator for woocommerce”.  The entry will look like this:

Coupon Generator Plugin

Press Install Now, then Activate to use the plugin.

Access the generator by logging into the site’s WordPress dashboard, and clicking WooCommerce, then Coupon generator. The coupon creation process consists of an introduction and three steps. We will walk through each step below.

0. Introduction step

The introduction step explains the process of generating coupons. Read through the instructions if this is your first time and click ‘Continue to the next step’ when ready.


1. Coupon options

The first step allows you to set up coupon options. The screen will look very familiar if you’ve created coupons in WooCommerce before. It is the exact same screen as the official WooCommerce coupon settings. No options have been left out, so you can configure the coupons as needed.

If you need multiple coupons with different values, you will need to run the generator multiple times with the different settings.


2. Generator options

In the Generator options step, select the number of coupons to be generated.


3. Generating coupons

This is where the coupon generation happens. By default, the plugin will generate up to 500 coupons per step. If the number of coupons to be generated is 10,000, then the generator will go through 20 steps to complete the process.

The time taken to create the 500 coupons per batch differs based on the server the site is hosted on. During the generation process, you cannot leave the generation page or the operation will be aborted prematurely!



The coupon generation process has been optimized to be as fast as possible. It has been tested generating 1,000,000 coupons, which took about 50 minutes in total to create all the coupons on the cheap $5/month server (not specifically optimized). During the test, I could still browse the store front-end of the website without much speed loss.

The generation process still requires a lot of resources, so it may be a smart thing to plan ahead to run it when your site has low traffic


Questions & suggestions

If you have any questions or suggestions about the plugin, I’d love to hear them in the comments. You can get the Coupon Generator for WooCommerce on

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  1. I love this plugin! I recently used it for a project where I needed a bunch of unique coupon codes to be printed on physical flyers and handed out at an event. The plugin is nicely coded so I was able to easily modify it a bit for my purposes. I made three changes to help my coupons work better in the physical world:

    1. Since recipients would be typing the codes by hand, I changed it to use a more limited character set that cuts down on errors by eliminating ambiguous characters. For example, no 1, l, I and no O, o, 0.

    2. I added a prefix and changed the number of characters per code for ease of reading and typing.

    3. I wrote the coupon codes to a file as they were generated so I could then merge them into my print document.

    I’d be happy to share more details with you if you care to add any of this to the plugin.

  2. I love the idea of creating bulk coupon codes. Do you have an option in the plugin to bulk create coupon codes for affiliates? We have X number of affiliates and want to create one coupon code for each of them. Right now we are just manually creating the coupon codes. Thanks!

    • Hi Hector,

      There’s no feature available in the plugin for that. Its a direct 1-on-1 copy of the WC Core coupon fields that you’re able to configure and generate.

  3. Hi
    How can I set the coupon letter – so a single word is generated with a couple of numbers after?

  4. Can we specify a name to the coupons so that it just add the number in the incremental order.

    For example I set a name ETLCODE and want to generate 10 coupons.


    Then it would be great.

    Please let me know

    • Hi Anu,

      Its not possible to set a prefix like that for the coupon codes in the Coupon Generator plugin.
      Custom formatting is something on the list to build in the future though.


  5. This looks great. Thanks.

    The one thing I’d like to suggest, assuming it’s even possible (is it?) is to add additional actions to the Bulk Action > EDIT functionality, so that it’s possible to then bulk edit coupons. Let’s say someone generates 1000 coupons, and later needs to change one of their attributes, currently it’s such a labour intensive process that it’s basically impossible. Do you know if WordPress has the means to hook into the Bulk Actions > EDIT to expose additional fields to it?

  6. Exactly what I am looking for.

    Do you know how to incorporate the unique coupon codes created by your plugin with MailChimp?
    My scenario is the following: I have a “coming soon” page where I would like to offer a 15% discount for new subscribers.
    When they opt-in, they go to a MailChimp list, which should send them the welcome email with the unique coupon code.

    I am looking everywhere, but the only way it seems I can accomplish that is by adding yet another plugin in between (your plugin generates the unique coupon codes, then another adds them to MailChimp).

    I hope you have across this before and can provide some insight.

    Thank you.

  7. Hi ,
    Plugin is awesome, but i have few suggestions to improvise , when i generate bulk coupons , can i have an export option of those generated coupons to get the printed on my flyers ??
    please suggest. so it will be easy for me to get my work done quickly .

    thank you

  8. YEs, please add the feature of exporting the code. otherwise it is pretty useless if i generate 2000 codes.
    Its such a laborious work to copy them out one by one.

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