WooCommerce Forte
Use your Forte.net payment gateway with WooCommerce.
Add a variety of fields and options to Checkout shipping rates.
Advanced Checkout Fields for WooCommerce
Fully manage all of the fields on your Checkout page.
Campaign Monitor for WooCommerce
Integrate WooCommerce with Campaign Monitor.
WooCommerce Store Locator
Show customers the where your products are sold and provide a way for them to search for locations.
Add extra fees to an order, allowing you to charge extra or give a discount to customers.
WooCommerce Multiple Shipping Addresses
Allow customers to multiple addresses in a single order and choose which items go to each address.
Create pricing rules based on your conditions to target specific products and/or customers.
Send customers to different pages after checkout based on what they purchased.
Create pre-defined product combinations that can be added to cart via a url.
Display messages throughout your entire shop through powerful conditional logic settings.

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Send order and payment data to QuickBooks Online from WooCommerce.
Protect your downloadable products with a custom watermark.
Increase the number of ways customers can rate your products.