New Plugin: WooCommerce Fee Manager

Today we’re announcing a new plugin: WooCommerce Fee Manager!

This plugin lets store owners add fees to orders based on preset rules.

Condition Engine

WooCommerce Fee Manager includes a condition engine to define preset rules that are compared with each order placed in the web shop. If the rules are true, then the defined fee is added to the order.

Here are some examples of the types of rules that can be defined.

Add fee if order total is below a value

Fee Manager uses conditional logic

In this example all orders that are less than $200 will have the fee applied.

Add fee if the shipping country is not to a specific country

Create fees based on the shipping country

Fees can be added to orders if the shipping country is not equal to a specific country or if the shipping country is equal to the country. A group of country rules can be added to one fee by adding more conditions to the group.

Add fee if the user is in a selected role

Set fees based on user role

Customers in a certain user role can have a fee applied to their orders.

Add a fee if the order was placed on a day of the week

Set fees based on day of the week

In this example customers can get a negative value fee, or discount, applied if orders are placed on Friday.

Recurring Fees

Create Recurring fees

If your store uses the WooCommerce Subscriptions plugin then you can define fees that apply to the first order, or are applied on all subscription renewals.

Taxable Fees

Charge a fee based on Tax class

WooCommerce Fee Manager give store owners tons of flexibility in setting up rules for automating adding fees to orders.

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