New Plugin: WooCommerce Subscriptions Schedule

We’re excited to announce that WooCommerce Subscriptions Schedule is now available to purchase!

WooCommerce Subscriptions Schedule lets store owners define custom schedules for subscription renewals. If you sell a membership that has payments due at the beginning of a season schedule then this plugin will help you have automatic renewals on that schedule.

Custom Schedules

Our plugin lets you break free from the default frequencies in WooCommerce Subscriptions. Now instead of daily, monthly, or every year you can setup a schedule to renew exactly when needed. If you want renewals only on March 22nd and August 9th we got you covered!

Custom Woocommerce subscription schedule

Automated Renewals

Our plugin uses the same Action Scheduler as WooCommerce Subscriptions so renewals happen when they are supposed to. There is no additional work needed to have a custom schedule of renewals.

Updated Frontend

When a customer adds a subscription product to their cart that has a custom schedule the next occurring renewal date will show on the Cart and Checkout page.

Cart view of custom renewal schedule

After a renewal occurs the next renewal date will automatically update to the next occurring date in the custom schedule.

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