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Installing WooCommerce Cart URL

Last updated on May 31st, 2018

This documentation is for the WooCommerce Cart URL plugin.


From the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Hover over the menu option Plugins, then click on Add New.
  2. Press the Upload Plugin button.
  3. Press Choose File and select the woocommerce-cart-url.zip file.
  4. Press Open, then press Install Now.
  5. If the load worked press Activate Now.

If you want to install by uploading directly to your site:

  1. On your local machine unzip the woocommerce-cart-url.zip file.
  2. Log in to your site using FTP or SFTP.
  3. Upload the extracted folder to the wp-content/plugins/ directory on your site.
  4. Go to the WordPress Plugins dashboard and Activate the plugin.

How Cart URLs Work

With WooCommerce Cart URL store owners can prepare a cart with products, variations, and quantities. The store owner will get a link (URL) to send to customers.

When the customer clicks on the link the pre-defined products will be added to their cart and they will be redirected to the Cart page.

Cart URL Settings and License

In the WordPress dashboard, hover over WooCommerce and click on Settings. Next select the Cart URLs tab.

Cart URL SettingsIn the License Key field add the license key sent in the order confirmation email. This will activate notifications of new versions and automatic updates.

Adding a Cart URL

Here are the steps for creating a Cart URL that can be shared with customers.

  1. From the Cart URLs page press Add Cart URL.
  2. Enter a descriptive Title.
  3. If you want the customer’s cart to be cleared before products are added, then check the “Clear cart when visiting this url” checkbox.
  4. Use the “Redirect to” drop down to select a page to redirect the customer to after products are added. Default is the Cart page.
  5. To add products type the name of a product or variation in the “Search for a product…” field.
  6. Select one or many products in the field and press Add Item(s).
  7. The products will be added to the Products list.
  8. Press the pencil icon in the row of a product to edit the product’s quantity.
  9. To remove a product check the box next to the name, select Delete Lines in the Actions drop down and press the circle arrow button.
  10. Once the cart is stocked with the correct products and quantities, press the Publish button.
  11. The Cart URL can then be sent to customers to instantly set up their cart!

the Cart URL

Deleting a Cart URL

To delete a Cart URL hover over the URL’s name and press the Delete link.

Deleting a cart url.


1.  What if there are items in the customer’s cart before visiting the URL?

Answer: The customer’s cart is cleared before products from the Cart URL are added to the cart if the “Clear cart when visiting this url” checkbox is checked.

2. Will this plugin allow me to clear the cart/basket of products before adding products?

Answer: Yes, there is a checkbox for each Cart URL that will “Clear the cart” before adding products.

3. Does this plugin create a unique short URL or does it have products in the URL?

Answer: The plugin creates a short URL the can be distributed to customers and does not contain products in the URL.

4. Does WooCommerce Cart URL work with WooCommerce Subscriptions?

Answer: Yes, this plugin works with WooCommerce Subscriptions.