6 Ways to Encourage Customers to Buy with Easy Digital Downloads

After you’ve done the off-site marketing work to get qualified customers to your site, how do you get them to finish the sale? Some customers might need extra encouragement.

Here are six strategies you can use to encourage customers to buy when selling with Easy Digital Downloads.  We’ve also included suggested plugins when the functionality isn’t included in the base EDD plugin.

1. Run a Sale

Putting products on sale is an effective way to entice customers. They will appreciate the savings even more if you show them a regular price right next to a sale price. Easy Digital Downloads doesn’t have a Sale Price field in the base plugin, but we’ve built a plugin that can handle that for you!

EDD Sale Price

EDD Sale Price is freely available on WordPress.org and lets the store owner set a sale price for digital downloads. On the front end of the site the customer can see the regular price alongside the sale price.



2. Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate product descriptions written by the store owners, but they also want to know what other customers think. A perfect way to show customer feedback is to have reviews on your products.

EDD Product Reviews is a plugin that allows customers to leave reviews of your products. Customers can add between 1 and 5 stars along with a review title and review body.

EDD Reviews

3. Promotional Labels

If your store has a large number of products in it, you may want to highlight certain products from time to time. Maybe you’ve used EDD Sale Price to put a product on sale and you want customers to notice, or perhaps you want to promote a new product in the catalog.

EDD Advanced Product Labels is a plugin that helps store owners add custom labels to products, which helps them stand out to customers.


The plugin lets store owners use conditional logic to apply three kinds of labels to product: a Ribbon, a Flash, and a Badge.  Colors, text, and location can be adjusted easily in the WordPress dashboard.


4. Offer Rewards

Another way to encourage customers to buy is by offering a little something extra.

With EDD Purchase Rewards store owners can send discount codes to customers who buy from them. This is a great strategy for encouraging repeat purchases and continued loyalty.


A more complex way of encouraging continued interaction with a store is to have a loyalty program. EDD Points and Rewards lets customers accumulate a points balance for different actions on the site. The balance can then be used toward product purchases.


5. Cross Sells

In grocery stores you’ve seen the checkout zone – the aisle you stand in while waiting to check out. Grocers know that impulses will take over and shoppers will grab a candy, gum, or pack of batteries when prompted right before checking out.

In a similar way store owners can use the EDD Cross-sell and Upsell  plugin to promote products to customers on the checkout page. The plugin also adds functionality to upsell products of higher value to customers.


6. Show Who has Purchased the Product

It’s often said: “A picture is worth a thousand words!” The EDD Purchase Gravatars is a simple plugin that  adds visual impact to product pages. This plugin adds the Gravatar of customers who have purchased your products. The product’s popularity shows as the number of images grows.


We hope this list of strategies and plugins has been useful. Let us know in the comments below if you use one or more of these six tips to help get your customers across the finish line of making a purchase!

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