WooCommerce Advanced Fees

Use conditional logic to add fees to your store!

WooCommerce has a powerful Fees API that until now was only accessible to developers. With WooCommerce Advanced Fees store owners can setup rules where fees will be added to the Cart based on what is in the cart, who is buying it, or where the products are being shipped.

With the conditional logic engine a fee can be added to the cart when the Shipping Country is not equal to a chosen country. A fee can be added when the weight of items in the cart are greater than a threshold. Or a fee can be added for specific User Roles.

Advanced Fees for WooCommerce is a valuable tool for store owners for creating and managing complex fee rules in their store without the help of a developer!


  • WooCommerce fees can be set globally
  • Fees can be set amount ($5), cart subtotal percentage or product price percentage (5%)
  • Fees can be positive ($3) or negative (-$3)
  • Multiple possible conditions to add fees
  • Condition grouping for more complex rules
  • Schedule publishing of fees for future
  • Fees are visible in the Cart, Checkout, Thank You page, and Order email
  • New add fee amount per weight, shipping class, category and products
  • New setup fees with a interval. E.g. $5 per 2kg, or $10 per 3 items.
  • New Setup minimum and maximum requirements per cost option (quantity, weight or subtotal)

Use cases

Payment gateway based fees

Additional fees for shipping methods

Add a fee for several store categories

Add a fee for a geographic area


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